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  1. I’ve been sold comfort is the holy grail since I was a kid.

They Sell Comfort

Safety is comfort.

The Younger Me and a Life of Comfort

My younger self assumed the path to success was about finding the path of least Resistance.

Discomfort is Stress

We seem to focus on the negative aspects of stress. Books, programs, and seminars on “Practical Techniques for Stress Management”, and “9 Steps to Alleviate Stress in the Workplace and Home.”

The Evil Kind of Stress

Chronic stress is the evil kind of stress.

The Useful Kind of Stress

Good stress is called eustress. It can be mild, acute, or even episodic. But it’s not chronic.

  • It energizes and motivates
  • It is perceived as something within our coping ability
  • It feels exciting
  • It increases focus and performance

The Comfort Zone’s Effect

In hindsight, I can see how the comfort zone has shaped my journey. I recognize the little monuments of both growth and regression over my path that directly related to my level of comfort.

A Few Monuments Along the Path

The first time I found myself on a layoff list, I was stunned, terrified and felt like a complete failure. I had a young family to feed and a mortgage to pay. It led me to real estate investing, understanding residual income, and a keen interest in finding other sources of income.

Practicing Discomfort

Managing, and ultimately growing through discomfort is like working a muscle: the more you practice it, the better you can get.

Beginner Exercises

Take a cold shower.

Beginning to Move Forward

Buy the bike or running shoes, or get the gym membership.

Force You to Grow Exercises

Sign upfor the power lifting meet, triathlon, marathon, spartan race, or whatever pushes you physically.


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