14 Life Lessons I Learned During the Year of COVID

A Year Unlike Any Other (Or Was It?)

Photo by Chris Charles on Unsplash

Hindsight Provides Insight

The Final Moment

Technology Has Helped Us Evolve Community

I Need Physical Community (Even as an Introvert)

Knowledge Work Companies Must Embrace Remote Work Forever

Experts and Scientists Are Also Humans With Opinions

All Public Health Policies Must Start By Encouraging a Healthier Population

Safety is a Religion

The Vaccine’s True Power is Hope

When Properly Motivated, Focused, and Unified, We Can Do Amazing Things

National Politics is Trending in a Terrible Direction

We’ve Lost the Thread on Authenticity

A Pellet Smoker Makes Good BBQ Available to Us Grill Hacks

Sleep is the Most Important

Focus on What You Can Control

Software Developer | Team Leader | Life-Curious | Beginner — Writing to try to figure out the stuff in my head

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